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Open Discussion - Round #2

Okay, the topic for this fortnight, thanks to fantasyecho , is:

Should non-LGBTQ and allies be 'allowed' to use terms that have been pejorative in reference to LGBTQ folks? e.g. A straight person using the word "fag" or "dyke" to describe a friend - these have been words used to insult gays and lesbians in the past. Where does the line end where it's an adjective and the line begin where it's an insult and hurtful to others?

Kindly read the rules here. Have fun!
Before you say that it has nothing to do with Malaysians, there are many gay and lesbian Malaysians who are living in America with their American partners... and who knows, are maybe facing the same situation.

Filipino lesbian mother faces deportation from US

Also, any suggestions for the Open Discussion topic 2?

Hello everyone!

We are much bigger than before! Currently we have 13 members (yay!), and I hope that all of us can post more often in here. Create topics! Comment! Surely we all have something to say about the state of queer issues in Malaysia. Don't be shy... we are all a family here. =)

So in a bid to break the ice, I'm introducing the "Open Discussion" activity.

Just as the name suggests, I will post a new topic every 2 weeks which will be up for discussion. It's OK to disagree with the general consensus! It doesn't matter if your opinion differs from others... speak up and voice out what you feel about that topic. All I ask is that the discussion doesn't degenerate into a bitch-fit-fight (remember, we can always agree to disagree). And of course, if you have suggestions for the next topic title, you can always comment on my personal blog. =)

Express yourself as you like, but try to follow the community rules, ok? ;-)

So the discussion for this fortnight is:
Recently we've seen a rise in various kinds of activism in Malaysia. Do you think Malaysia is ready for a serious queer movement like the ones we've seen in foreign countries like Russia?

Have fun!

Volunteer recruitment for VCT service

(I'm posting on behalf of Damian, who also posted this in the PLU Penang digest)

My dear friends,

A few facts to share with everyone:

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How Out Are You?

Poll #1369132 How Out Are You?

How Out Are You?

Everyone knows! Why should I hide?
Oh well, I kinda got forced to out myself...
Only to my friends! OMG if my parents knew...
Why is it so dark in here? What am I doing in a closet?



Here's something interesting: "Paal" is a Bollywood movie about a transgendered filmmaker who falls in love and faces the "Do I Tell?" dilemma.

Not only is it a movie about a transgendered woman, but it also stars a transgendered woman.


via Racialicious, originally posted at Trangriot.

Pecah Lobang

For those who don't know, Pecah Lobang is a film shot and directed by Ms. Poh Si Teng, a fellow Malaysian.

The synopsis of this movie, taken from the official website of the movie is as follows:

“Pecah Lobang,” which means “busted,” explores what it’s like to be a Muslim transsexual sex worker in Malaysia.

Shot in the Chow Kit red light district, the documentary revolves around Natasha, a Muslim Mak Nyah, who refuses to live life as a man. Unable to secure employment because of discrimination, Natasha turns to sex work and lives in constant fear of the police and religious authorities.

Crossdressing is a crime under Syariah law for Muslims and the penalties are severe. But it wasn’t always enforced in Malaysia. How did the country become so heavy-handed on the transsexual community?

A religious scholar, a physician who conducted sex change surgeries, a sociologist, three attorneys and an outreach worker explain how it all came to be.


Has anyone watched this film? If you have, it would be great if you could share your thoughts on this film. =)

For those who are interested in purchasing the DVD, you can get it here.

And They're At It Again

Warning: This video features backward people saying backward things about lesbians (butch ones in particular). I urge viewers not to take their views seriously (who would anyway?).

Pengkid guna ilmu sihir??
posted by Malaysiakini on YouTube.com

P.S.: Wouldn't it be cool if someone makes a remix out of this? I'd love to see something like that LoL. =p

UN review on Malaysian Human Rights.

This year, Malaysia has been subjected to a series of questions regarding the country's human rights situation by member countries of the UN. These questions, published in a document titled "Advance Questions to Malaysia" featured questions from the Czech Republic, Latvia, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and Sweden. There is also an addendum to the above document titled "Advance Questions to Malaysia-Addendum" with questions from Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

One of the questions which attracted my attention was from Sweden:

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