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Queer Malaysians
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Celebrating diverse sexual orientation and gender identities in Malaysia
About queermalaysians

This is a community where queer Malaysians can:
- Arrange meet ups (activities, pride marches, activist meetings, movie screenings... you name it)
- Discuss issues affecting the community
- Obtain advice or support for just about anything

This community is moderated by the oh-so-fabulous pansexual FTM from Penang, baronbrutalius!


Why do I use the word "queer"?
I use the word "queer" as an umbrella term for people who do not fit the "biological straight boy" or the "biological straight girl" category.

Why don't you just use "GLBT" or anything else instead of "queer"?
Because human sexuality and gender identity are as varied as snowflakes... no two are the same. So as to not exclude anyone, I have used the word "queer".

Rules of Conduct

Now, I'm a reasonable person who believes that censorship is evil and that only people who have something to hide feel the need to use censorship. However, there are people in this internet world who behave like complete buffoons and tend to act completely uncivilised. Therefore, this community shall not tolerate:

Discrimination - We are discriminated enough by others so lets not be stupid enough to do it to ourselves. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism etc.

Hate speech - I don't care if you were just trying to be funny by being an internet troll or if you really feel that way... of course, constructive criticism is fine, but not blatant hate speech.

Sexual soliciting of minors - Can we please try not to be the stereotypical predatory queers? Our young ones need your experience and strength, not your perversion.

Sexual soliciting of anyone - We are a pro-active, activist-y queer community, not a dating personals. So if you feel like you need to hook up with someone for the night or anything of that nature, kindly do it by contacting the parties personally and not through the community. Thanks.

Posting of erotica - Please remember that children may be viewing community. However, if it is artistic in nature, or if you are a transsexual and would like to show the results of a certain doctor's operating skills, you may post it but please please put it under an LJ cut.

Religious doctorines - Discussion about religion is allowed (encouraged in fact), but preaching and inviting people to join your religion is not allowed. Also, don't be shocked and appalled to find people who don't believe in your religion or don't believe in god at all.

Intolerance - Be intolerant, and I shall be intolerant with you.

For those violating the above rules, the offending post will be removed immediately and the poster will be warned only once. Another violation would be grounds for the offending user to be banned from the community. And I don't want to ever do this so PLEASE BEHAVE YOURSELVES!

General Posting Rules

1. Keep long posts under an LJ Cut
2. Keep NSFWM (Not safe for work or minors) content under an LJ Cut. And please state that it is NSFWM on the cut.
2. Treat everyone respectfully.
3. There are no language restrictions here, but please use a language that Malaysians can understand (IE: English, Malay, Manglish). Please don't post or comment in Chinese or Tamil as there may be some of us who may not understand a word you are saying.

To all those people who have just joined: welcome and have fun! And please let me know how I can improve this place. =)

GLBTQ-oriented or Malaysian Communities
The communities/sites are listed here with express approval from their maintainers. If you have a community/site you would like to add to this list, kindly get the maintainers' approval first.

On LiveJournal:

1. ftm - International community for FTMs

2. transgender - International community for trans-folk of all kinds

3. msianoverseas - A community for Malaysian living overseas

4. mtf - International community for MTFs

Outside Livejournal:

1. The KL Word - LGBT community based in KL.

2. katagender - A Malaysian gender-activism site... katagender itself has been featured quite a few times in Malaysiakini due to its "Tomboy Photo Project" - launched after the famous fatwa was issued banning so-called tomboys.

3. Tilted World - A Malaysian LGBT community project with many great information and resources. Also, queermalaysians has been featured on this site!

4. - E-zine for Malaysian People Like Us (PLU)

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